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Biscuit - A New Fave Tool


I have watched a few videos over at the Keep Productive YouTube channel. Can't say their content is exactly my cup of tea, but while watching an unrelated video about AirTable, someone mentioned Biscuit.

Their web page greets you with a big tag line: Is your browser buried in tabs?Well, mine certainly is. And over the decades, I've seen browsers and plugins come up with various tab organizing schemes to mitigate this problem, none of which really worked. I don't blame them - if I open 70 tabs, I can hardly expect to see everything at a glance.

Biscuit approaches the problem in a different way: instead of offering a "better" way to organize your tabs, it offers to offload some of the tabs into an extra application.

It's simple, yet brilliant. (That's probably why I haven't seen anyone else doing it before. 😄) The people behind Biscuit know you use a lot of web apps that take up space in your browser - and they suggest you move them into Biscuit.

More specifically: while I do have tabs with dozens of articles and search results and whatnot open at any time, I also have lots of apps. I can't even count how many times I've opened Pocket or Facebook, only to realize I already have three tabs with them open already - they just got buried among other tabs and I'd forgotten about them.

Biscuit doesn't replace your browser - it just suggests hey, maybe put your Pocket and your Raindrop and your AirTable into Biscuit, and leave your browser for regular browsing. It's a separate browser for your frequently-used apps.

This  is what it looks like for me, at the moment:

In the menu on the left, I've created groups of web apps. They're basically just bookmarks. And on the right, a Chromium browser. This layout lets me switch between apps effortlessly, and they no longer get buried under an avalanche of other pages in my main browser.

Two more added perks: since the web app I'm using and my main browser are two separate programs now, I can alt-tab between them. And Biscuit already comes with a directory of dozens of built-in tools (well, bookmarks) pre-defined to get you up and running quickly. If the one you want isn't listed, simply add any URL you want.

If you use a lot of web apps, go and try it at eatbiscuit.com.