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Eclectic Delights


Ever since The Humble Indie Bundle started selling indie[1] games for any price you’re willing to pay, and it turned to be popular as well as profitable, more and more similar bundles started popping up. Cheap access to DRM-free direct downloads were something we all wanted for a long time, while Steam and Desura keys catered to our (or mine, at least) obsessive-compulsive need to have our game libraries categorized, centralized and tracked.

Last week I’ve found Bundle In A Box, with the current bundle called Eclectic Delights. There are 5 games (and some related goodies) – Shadows on the Vatican, Delve Deeper, War of the Human Tanks, Eversion, Fibrillation, or as someone on Twitter put it, "you know you’re pretty niche, when the most mainstream thing in your bundle is Eversion". So of course I decided to give it a go.

The order and the payment were processed immediately and without a problem and I was able to proceed straight to the download page. There were no problems getting Steam or Desura keys. Once or twice I’d encountered a download error and contacted support – they were quick to respond and actually solved my problem. The only downside I’ve found was the site’s design which in some places is clunky at best, especially when it comes to polls.

As for the games, Eversion is great (just be sure to check out both endings) and I’m really looking forward to Delve Deeper. I don’t know the others, so we’ll see. All in all, I’d say go for it – there’s a little over one day left until the end of this bundle.

  1. Just a few days ago the Humble THQ Bundle ended. It came as a little surprise to me that the bundle obviously isn’t indie anymore. And it being THQ, it didn’t seem to be all that humble either, especially when direct downloads were no longer available. (I still bought two, though, and gave the whole sum to Humble Tip to feel less guilty.) ↩︎