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Sewing a tablet case


I've bought the cheapest Wacom graphical tablet a few months ago. (In this case, 'graphical' means it's used for drawing. It doesn't have a screen like you'd find on a tablet you might use for apps and web browsing.) I've realized that wanted a sewn cover for it.

A few people who actually know how to use a sewing machine offered to sew it for me, but I figured - why have it done well and quickly, when I can do a botch job of it half a year later? So I've thanked them and politely declined.

I've bought iron-on lining (or 'interfacing', or whatever that thing is called) and the fabrics - black and red, because the those are the tablet's colors, and stashed them away. I've long since learned not to add more stress for myself with my hobbies, so I've approached this as a "whenever I get around to it" project from the get-go. Well, the downtime around Christmas was the perfect time. (Incidentally, happy new year to all y'all.)

Naturally, I expected everything to go perfectly from the start. If you think you've noticed anything wrong with the end product, it's a glitch in your display. Maybe get that looked at. Oh, and special thanks to my wife for showing me how to use our sewing machine. Yet another manly skill in my toolbox!

I'd originally intended for the black to be on the outside, but changed my mind halfway through. This is how it went.

I may or may not add velcro later.