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Though article talks about spoilers, it doesn’t contain any. When the last (fourth) season of Game of Thrones was running and everyone feared for Tyrion’s head, I realized he isn’t going to die. Not that Martin wouldn’t kill him – I just know if he was dead in the books, I’d surely have run into a spoiler by now. That got me thinking about how weird it is: just because a show is as popular as GoT, the mere absence of spoilers is a spoiler in itself. (Especially if you wander around 9gag and ot...

Elemental words

> “When I heard oxygen and magnesium hooked up, I was like OMg.” This joke more or less started it. We started exchanging similar ones with a friend and soon after I found myself wondering what fraction of the vocabulary is it possible to write using only the symbols of chemical elements. The thought nagged me until I gave in and started coding. Basically I was trying to convert as many words as possible into an alphabet consisting of these “letters”: So for example stab becomes STaB. Ther...