Roguelike Radio

Last year when thinking about coffeebreak roguelikes, I stumbled upon the Roguelike Radio podcast. Since then, I've listened to nearly 50 episodes. I'm quite picky: Any rambling, drawn-out podcast (that often sounds like

A year of Dishonored

It's exactly one year today since I first played Dishonored. I'm now reminiscing in a spoiler-free manner.

Diablo Immortal

I've played Diablo Immortal and was ready to like it. It wasn't bad, but it kind of fell flat.


Hob is a great game. It made me notice and enjoy things I'd normally overlook or filter out subconsciously. If you want something well-crafted, relaxing and engaging, give it a go.

Best games of 2016

Looking at this list now, I think if you only had to play one game from this list, make it: The Swapper It's a puzzle platformer with a self-cloning mechanic. There have been