Books I've read recently

Lightless by C.A. Higgins

I have read some articles about how professors at schools are encountering issues with students, where the students fail to save or locate their files, and are baffled when asked about this, because they have no idea what a file is. Turns out the digital generation doesn't absorb knowledge of how to use a computer, or how one works, just by virtue of being able to shitpost on twitter from their macbook since birth.
This book sometimes reads as if a person like that decided to write a novel about computers and artificial intelligence.
Also, there seems to be a black hole that devours everything, except the air of the room it's in.,

I've found this book in an article in the style of '12 great sci-fi books'. I've read and liked 10 of them, so I expected this to be a lot better.

The Ivan's character was fun to read, and the last ~20% of the book were quite fun as well. (Except maybe I'd like a more dramatic ending, but that would probably have made it harder to sell sequels.)