Books I've read recently

Existentially Challenged by Yahtzee Croshaw

I am pleasantly surprised how Yahtzee can repeatedly pull this off. His prose is always full of full of weird analogies and descriptions, yet I'm never annoyed by them. The characters are flat, but they're fun and I like them.

In Differently Morphous, I was fascinated how Yahtzee can use characters that basically are silly caricatures dialed up to 11, yet still use them for a complex, reasonably nuanced exploration of a topic through their interactions. There was less of it in this book, and it was a lot less interesting. This, combined with the fact that Dr Diablerie wasn't on the scene as much, is why it's not getting five stars.

Both books in the series are complete on their own, with small tidbits of a larger, overarching narrative. I do hope the next one comes along rather sooner than later.

And of course, hearing Yahtzee narrate his books is always a joy.