Books I've read recently

Network Effect by Martha Wells

There were a few annoying things, so I'm tempted to give it fewer stars. But it was a fast-paced story that read well, so, whatever.

I appreciated more of the characters feeling like actual characters. (Besides the protagonist, Mensah and SU3 were the best, of course.) I did not appreciate having to accept a lot of newly made-up rules and things that didn't really jell with the existing ones, most notably Murderbot 2.0 which made no sense, and to a lesser extent the organic alien engine thing. Or maybe all the alien remnant things. Suddenly this felt like a high magic fantasy book.

I liked Art well enough, but I guess I've had enough of it; when the book ended on a note implying we might be stuck with the Murderbot+Art combo for the next few books, I was like eeeeeugh, pls no. (Then it turned out OK - no Art in the next one.)

In the first few novellas, I've been afraid we're supposed to accept the crazy corporate dystopia is universal; since then, it has been established that it isn't and some people in-universe find it abhorrent. Which is enough for me; I don't even mind their economic system does not make any sense at all.