Books I've read recently

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Goodreads has this tagged as magical realism, and I've also seen it referred to as urban fantasy. It is neither. Instead, it's historic fiction with a gothic feeling to it.

The entire plot revolves around the life of Daniel, and makes detours to shed light on the past of various other characters that come into his life. I found these detours a bit too long for my taste, even though I suspect that for people who enjoy this kind of book, it might not be that bad.

I also appreciated how several circles have closed by the end of the story's arc, and how the author worked with the "gothic" imagery, especially in the beginning with Lain Coubert and in the final confrontation. (Not sure if that 'gothic' is the correct term here, but I don't have a better one.)

All in all, I liked the book, even though the style doesn't quite suit me.