Running Huginn with Docker

Last time [] I've written about using Huginn. I have never actually used Docker before, but I've decided to give it a go. I'm hosting various pieces of software

Wallabag - with MySQL and RabbitMQ

How I discovered Wallabag and made it run on Ubuntu with MySQL and RabbitMQ for Imports. Everything I needed to do should be here,

Hosting a .NET Core 2 app on Ubuntu

A few months ago I'd started a fun side-project of moving my personal web apps from various Windows-based services to a single Ubuntu VM because of the release of Ghost 1.0 [https:

Making Gitea start automatically with systemd

I managed to deploy my Gitea service, but had difficulties getting it to start automatically on system startup. (Oh, I really miss Windows Scheduler.) I stumbled upon an article explaining how to define a simple systemd unit. I attempted to write one, and it worked! Here is what I came up with:

Running a git repo site on nginx on Ubuntu

Last time around [] I wrote about migrating my webs to an Ubuntu VM. One of the few things that were left to migrate was my private git repo