csv-to-sqlite - copying from CSV files to a SQLite database

csv-to-sqlite is a command line tool that **takes CSV files and dumps their contents into a SQLite database**. The basic gist: for each file, the script creates a database table with the same name, tries to guess the data type, then copies all the data into the database.

PyCon SK 2016

The famous PyCon came to Slovakia for the first time. Quite frankly: I’m impressed. For those who don’t know: PyCon means Python Conference, and it’s meant for anyone interested in

WinPython doesn't start?

I ran across PyBrain [], a “modular machine learning library for Python.” It needs the whole Scientific Python stack and since setting it up manually seemed like a pain, I decided to

Scripted text processing

When working on the last project at work, my tasks were often defined poorly. I had to make web services that would accept complicated data structures, but I only had one example file