Made a Sofle keyboard

If you've been following along, you might be asking - is this a keyboard blog now? How many more do you intend to make? How much is Big Keeb paying you‽‽ Don't worry

Made a (RoMac) Macropad

A few months ago I wrote about making my first wireless keyboard. That was just a proof of concept that I disassembled right away. I then made another keyboard: the RoMac macropad. I've

The joy of leisurely projects

I've spent many an evening on personal projects of varying complexity - from one-off data scraping jaunts, through creating various apps, to incrementally building up and upgrading what I call my "personal stack"

Made my first wireless keyboard

Call now, and get the Ultimate Keyboard™ with these features! * An artisanal, hand-crafted keyboard * Fully wireless * Funky, metallic, glittery blue finish * Carefully placed switches for maximum ergonomy * Only the best, hand-picked letters for

Sewing a tablet case

I wanted a sewn cover for a tablet. A few seamstresses offered to make it for me, but why have it done well and quickly, when I can do a botch job of it half a year later?