Contributed Reviung5 to ZMK

In the post Made a Reviung5 macropad I briefly mentioned that there's no built-in support for the Reviung5 in ZMK. Since I had to make it work anyway, I decided to spend some extra time and contribute it back to the main repo.

Twitter and Mastodon

I've used both Mastodon and Twitter side-by-side, and realized a few things. Also it's fun to watch Twitter burn.

csv-to-sqlite 2.1.3 - security update

Over on GitHub, the Dependabot opened several PRs/notifications about security-compromised dependencies in my tool for guessing the types of data in your CSV files and importing them into a SQLite DB. I

Made a (RoMac) Macropad

A few months ago I wrote about making my first wireless keyboard. That was just a proof of concept that I disassembled right away. I then made another keyboard: the RoMac macropad. I've